Make your patterns knitabl.

Make your patterns knitabl.

Make your patterns knitabl.Make your patterns knitabl.Make your patterns knitabl.

Make your patterns knitabl.

Make your patterns knitabl.

Make your patterns knitabl.Make your patterns knitabl.Make your patterns knitabl.



tech editing

As a tech editor, I want to help you make your knitting pattern as clear and error-free as it can be. I tech edit garment and accessory patterns, including lace; I look at brioche and sock patterns and decide on a case-by-case basis. 

When I edit, I check all numbers (including Imperial/metric conversions, finished measurements, grading, and stitch counts). I verify compatibility of charts and written instructions; ensure accuracy and completeness of abbreviations; and look for consistency in language and tone. Many years of knitting experience allow me to provide suggestions on layout, usability, and clarity.

Contact me for a quote based on the complexity of your pattern. I will also let you know my availability so you can be assured of the return date of your tech edited pattern.


Have you written your pattern for the sample size that you made, but want to offer a full range of sizes? I am happy to work with you to grade your pattern out to make it fully size inclusive. I work with several size standards, as well as your ideas about fit, to make sure your pattern is comfortable and flattering for all offered sizes.

Schematics and Charts

I am skilled with creating charts from your written row-by-row instructions, and making row-by-row written instructions from your charts. I am also able to deconstruct a knit pattern and create a chart/instructions. All charts have a symbol list and stitch summary.

Style sheets

Your patterns are where your customers gain a true sense of your personality and your style. I will help you to develop consistent and clear layouts, with an awareness of how knitters use your patterns, so that you have a style guide and template to use when you design. Your patterns will be recognizable at a glance, and you will have fewer items to address in revisions and after technical editing.

knitting classes

I have been making new knitters and helping more advanced knitters to master new techniques for nearly ten years. Some of the classes I teach include:

  • Introduction to Knitting (separate courses for children and for adults)
  • Introduction to Lace
  • Finishing (often taught as a several-class series, but may be individual workshops)
    • Weaving in ends
    • Fixing mistakes
    • Blocking
  • Buttonholes
  • Casting on and Casting off
  • Increases and decreases
  • Stranded Colorwork
  • Cabling
  • Beading in lacework
  • Brioche basics
  • Ravelry navigation
  • Short Rows
  • Double Knitting

Test knitting

Please reach out if you are a designer looking for test knitters. I enjoy knitting complicated patterns, especially those with lace, cabling, or novel construction. I am happy to work with any weight of yarn. 


If there is a knitted item that you wish to commission, please reach out. I will work with you to select yarn appropriate for the pattern and discuss alternations to the fit. I only take commissions when I can be assured that the project will be completed by the promised date.

Contact Me

send me a message for information or a quote

About Annie

I am a detail-oriented spreadsheet nerd who loves transforming fiber into fabric through knitting. My grandmother taught me to knit when I was four. Knitting saved my sanity through the early days of motherhood. Currently, I teach knitting in the greater Boston area. I derive great satisfaction from working in my LYS, helping fellow knitters learn new techniques, decipher patterns, adapt them to their body, and complete their projects.

Technical editing is a natural extension of my skills. I was heavily involved in peer editing and constructive writing workshops as a college student. I spent a decade writing technical manuals for a biotechnology company and teaching customers how to use their products. Throughout this time, I developed my own knitting skills. 

By bringing these two worlds together, I have achieved a career that fills me with enthusiasm and energy; I am never so happy as to help a knitter, designer, and maker create a polished and professional finished product.